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Wow Me Wednesday: Pedro Costa

Posted by Jeffrey Thelin on

Hello and welcome to the eleventh “Wow Me Wednesday,” a weekly series in which I interview and feature inspiring artists. My name is Jeffrey Thelin, founder of, a lifestyle clothing brand dedicated to boldness and simplicity. Today, I’ll be featuring Pedro Costa AKA @campovisual . Pedro is a multidisciplinary graphic artist from Porto, Portugal.

Describe your typical process when creating your pieces?

I don't have a typical process, it all depends of what kind of edit that I'm doing. But normally I do a lot of different versions until I'm happy with it! I like to create everything from taking the photos to the graphics that I'm using... It's not common see me using pre made images or overlays from other artists

What tools do you use when creating your images?

I use iPhone 6 and a Jot script pen. Some of my favorite apps are Photoforge2, matter, Union, Glitché, Decim8, Artstudio, Circular, Aliensky, Sparkmode, Mextures and many many others. But this is not my professional work... it's just a way to express myself and have some fun.

What do you see as the future of creativity?

I see a lot of crossings of different mediums in a way that will be more focused on experience and sentiments, where the boundaries of real and surreal are not defined. I think that video mapping is just the beginning of the new era of creative experience. When virtual really starts to be fused into the art in a deeper way, I believe that will bring a completely new world into the creative art.

What do you think the balance is between technology and analog when being creative?

Creativity is not connected with mediums... You can do art cooking or making music. But analog is always a good way to start with. I love the cross fusion between analog and digital when you can't see what is what. And if you understand how the analog work's you can master the technology even better! I personally came from the analog days and I still do a lot of pencil sketches of my work before I start creating something. That is valid for my personal work or for my professional work.

Do you consider yourself an artist? What other words would you use to describe yourself and abilities?

There are a lot of different artists in completely different levels and creative fields. But, yes I consider myself a graphic artist. I'm super polyvalent in my creative areas, I can do graphic art, illustration, typography, photography, video (shoot and edit), websites, industrial design, interior design and others and I also can adapt myself to the project that needs to be developed. I'm a super perfectionist and when I'm doing something I like to do it the best that I can!

Who are some creatives that you really look up to and inspire your work daily?

Wow that's hard. I do a lot of research in completely different fields, from car industry, shoes, fashion, music, architecture and of course all the graphic and illustration fields. And everything inspires me in my work. A lot of times unexpected things happen and guide me to do something. For example I made a professional work that was inspired by a football ball...

Did you always know you were an artist or designer? What’s your story about how you got into all this?

Yes. Since I remember myself I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I always drew and I knew that I wanted to do it all my life. I didn't know of the profession “Designer” but during school I started discovering graphic arts and that moved me to do a professional graphic printer course.  Then I discovered that the designers were the ones that make the pieces that were printed later. After I went to the University of fine arts into graphic communication. In the first period of 3 years I learned exactly the same thing as the sculptures and painters (super academic and analog), and only the last 2 years did I start to study graphic communication!

What do you do for a living?

I'm a graphic and product designer. Basically I work for Surf, Bodyboard, SUP and Snow Sled industry for a manufacturing foam Industry. I create templates for the boards and all the communication that is involved, from the logos to the graphic art or posters.

What is your dream for your next 5 years?

Professionally I want to grow my responsibility into the creation of products, innovate and break barriers. I want to create better and better products.

Personally I want to take my art a little more serious. I want to make a exhibition and I'm building a website to focus on mobile editing. I want to start showing the process behind my pieces.  

Any final quotes, mantras to inspire the readers?

I really love one quote that I follow since the day that I read it.

“If you don't go you'll never know!”


What do you think of art?

(What's its place in society? Is it just entertainment? A pleasant distraction? Can it only inspire and help other people do things that have true meaning or does it have inherent meaning and value in itself?)

I think art is one of the most important things in life. In art the story of the moment is being telling, it is the expression of the feelings and sentiments through the medium. For me, art is not only the ones that are in the galleries... today the streets and the internet is more important than the galleries. Nowadays for me art is more about the experience and feeling, what that piece provokes in the audience.

A big thanks to Pedro for making this a successful "Wow Me Wednesday."

If you'd like to see more of Pedro’s work here’s a link:

And thank you all so much for joining me! If you have any artists you think I should interview leave a comment below.

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