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Wow Me Wednesday: Ebes Rasyid

Posted by Jeffrey Thelin on

Hello and welcome to the second “Wow Me Wednesday,” a weekly series in which I interview and feature artists who inspire me. Today I’ll be featuring Ebes Rasyid. Ebes is based out of Ubud - Bali, Indonesia. At 32 years old he's refusing to grow up anymore and is heavily involved in the Arts, Graphics, and Music. 

Where do you get your inspiration from when creating your pieces?

I see myself in my son a lot of times, and that can bring so many ideas to my work.

What tools do you use when creating your art?

In collage I've been very fond of playing with stock shots, real shots, photoshop, illustrator, and geometrical shapes.

What do you think the balance is between technology and analog when being creative?

Depends on the artist's preference. It can be either very digital, or analog. You just have to be comfortable with any kind of tools you work with.

Do you consider yourself an artist? What other words would you use to describe yourself and abilities?

When I'm working on a project for myself and use my creativity without limit, I consider myself as an artist. But, sometimes when you're working on a commission you can't have as much as creativity - so maybe it's not as artistic. But, usually I always let other people describe myself, I think that's better.

Who are some creatives that you really look up to and inspire your work daily?

Rene Magritte, and a good friend of mind a local artist @ohfajar.

Did you always know you were an artist or designer? What’s your story about how you got into all this?

It all started when I was still in junior high when my father made me listen to all his collections of vinyl records and as much as I love the music, the graphics of the cover interest me more. I always thought that they were so cool. So, then I started to design music covers and the rest is history.

What do you do for a living?

I'm an in house creative for a company in a luxury hospitality industry in Ubud.

What is your dream for your next 5 years?

To see the world !!!

Any final quotes, mantras, or tips to inspire the readers?

If you get a creative block stop whatever you working on, have a break then you will know when you have to come back.


A big thanks to Ebes for making this a successful  "Wow Me Wednesday." 

If you'd like to see more of Ebes' work you can find him on instagram

And thank you all so much for joining me! If you have any artists you think I should interview leave a comment below.

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